Saturday, November 10, 2012

Esha Deol Back Tattoo

Esha Deol is one of the most popular actress in India. She was born in Mumbai, November 2, 1981. Esha Deol have two cool tattoo designs on her back. The tattoo art on the left is that of the spiritual sanskrit symbol - Om, whereas the one on the right is the Gayathri mantra. Sanskrit tattoos are highly popular among celebrities especially the Om/Aum symbol. The sanskrit tattoo on Esha Deol's back is contained in a sun-like design. The tattoo picture is shown above.

Scarlett Johansson New Tattoo, on her rib!

The beautiful actress,Scarlett Johansson, have a new tattoo. This is mix tattoo beetween horseshoe tattoo and font tattoo. The tattoo's says is “Lucky You”. This tattoo look great on her rib. She shows off her newly inked horseshoe tattoo with the word “Lucky You” last week in Paris, France.

Hwangbo Tattoo

Hwangbo is Korean female singer and rapper. Hwangbo Hyejeong is her real name. She was born in seoul, August 16, 1980. This lovely artist have beautiful back tattoo.

Scarlett Johansson Wrist Tattoo

Scarlett Johansson have wrist tattoo on her left arm. It's simple tattoo but look fit on her.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Fahrani Tattoos

Hair color:Black
Eye color:Brown
Date of birth:September 27 1984
Place of birth:Jakarta, Indonesia
Height:5'10.5" ; 179cm
Measurements:(US) 32-25-35 ; (EU) 81-63.5-89
Dress size:(US) 6 ; (EU) 36
Shoe size:(US) 9.5 ; (EU) 41 ; (UK) 7

- Her full name is Fahrani Hasanah Pawaka Empel.
- Runner up in Elite Model Look Indonesia 1999.
- She has tattoos on her left arm, tummy, right hip and left foot.

Melanie Subono Tattoos

Name : Melanie Subono
Birth: Hamburg, Jerman, 20 Oktober 1976

Poppy Sovia Tattoos

Name : Poppy Sovia
date of birth: 1984-09-23
place birth : sukabumi, indonesia

Ratu Felisha Tattoos

Ratu Felisha Ratu Felisha (born October 16, 1982) is an Indonesian model and actress. Feli, so nicknamed began her career as a model and then plunge into soap opera. Her name began to be known publicly when this beautiful girl posing naughty in a special magazine FHM men.

Has starred in several soap operas, although her name began to soar when she played in the movie Buruan Cium Gue, which had attracted criticism in many quarters since 2004 earlier considered a bad influence on young people.

Since the beginning of her career, often affected Feli case sexy pictures widespread in society. May 2005, the pictures circulating half naked in one newspaper in Jakarta. Feli acknowledge the existence of a picture of her was taken while on vacation with her friends in Dream Land, Bali.

Ratu Felisha likes tattoos. There are 3 tattoo on the body. Crown tattoo on her back, and chain tattoo images on the left ankle and a tattoo in a hidden place.
Since 2006, Feli raise a child, Dasha Godiva, which has been regarded as her own daughter.

Jennifer Dunn Tattoos

Jennifer Dunn was the star of a sitcom actress ad and was born in Jakarta, October 10, 1989. Her name is becoming known through the soap opera DIA dan DAN and followed a successful soap opera Atas Nama Cinta.

Last News of Jennifer Dunn

Not feel young actress Jennifer Dunn has undergone 11 months of her prison sentence. And the mother claimed her daughter had been serving well.

"She's healthy, either. It feels so tidakt has undergone 11 months. It seems hell can (remissions) free Jennifer Dunn I have not asked directly," the mother said when met at Rutan Pondok Bambu, East Jakarta, Wednesday (01/09).

Jennifer Dunn itself seems to have worked at Rutan. And disclosed by the mother if it was better than he just remain silent.

"Jennifer Dunn is now already working on top, she was employed at the Salemba prison. Yes, she's just typing, but rather than she was just silent," she added.

And what makes this the mother is relieved, apparently Andi Soraya one cell with Jennifer Dunn.

"Now she's got a new friend. Incidentally Andi Soraya now one of my children the same cell. So there is her friend," she concluded.

Sheila Marcia Tattoos

Sheila Marcia Joseph is an Indonesian actress, model, and host. She was born on September 3rd 1989 in Malang, East Java. She started her career as model and became the finalist of Gadis Sampul in 2004. Later, Shelia starred some films and TV series such as film 'Eskul' in 2006 with Metha Yunatria and Ramon Y Tungka. She also won the award of FFI 2006 although her award was annulled. In addition, Sheila also starred several horror movies such as 'Hantu Jeruk Purut' in 2006, 'Film Horor' in 2007. Now, Sheila Marcia is married with a musician, Kiki Mirano since April 27 2011.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Ola Ramlan Tattoos

Febiolla Ramlan (Olla Ramlan) is a presenter and model from Indonesia. Olla Ramlan begin to famous while she endorsed a Coffee advertising “Nescafe – Pagi Donna Version”. After that, Olla Ramlan always called as Donna.

Born in Banjarmasin and still has a Dayak Blood, Olla Ramlan success to transform into a sexy and exotic lady. Her dark brown skin remind us with Indonesia Sexy Chef Farah Quinn.

After famous as a model, Olla Ramlan decided to marry with Alex Tian in 2003, before they divorced in 2010.

As an actress, Olla Ramlan is not very active. She once starred at drama “Shakila”, and comedy sitcom OKB. Olla Ramlan also starred in Suami-Suami Takut Istri The Movie (2008).

Now, Olla Ramlan is a host for RCTI Music Programme “Dahsyat”. Olla Ramlan replaced Lunya Maya as a host after Luna Maya was involved in sex video scandal with Ariel Peterpan.

Many fans still don’t accept Olla Ramlan as a host in Dahsyat. But Olla try to convince her fans that she is suitable for the position, and Olla also won an award “Host Tamu TerDasyat 2011″. May be in the future, Olla can upgrade her status in Dahsyat from Guest Host into Main Host.

Olla Ramlan Tatto

So far, Olla Ramlan has 11 tattos in all over her body. Most of the tattos are the name of her family.

Olla Ramlan Profile

Full Name: Febiolla Ramlan
Nick Name: Olla Ramlan
Nationality: Indonesian
Place & date of birth: Banjarmasin, February 15, 1980
Zodiac: Aquarius
Marital status: Married
Name of husband: Alex Tian
Name of children: Sean Michael Alexander
Parent’s name: Muhammad Ramlan (father) and Pissa Assarah (mother)
Hobby: Perfume collection
Achievements & awards: Winner of the Cover Girl Fashion Favorites 1997

Advertising :
Good Time Cookies

Filmografi :
Suami-suami Takut Istri The Movie (2008)

Sinetron :
Cinta Indah
Mata Air Surga

Video Klip
Volume Band – Hey Cantik
Mulan Jameela Feat Cameria Happy Pramita – Cinta Mati 2
Olga Syahputra – Jangan Ganggu Aku Lagi
Ilovu – Pacar 3

Tamara Geraldine Tattoos

Full Name : Maria Geraldine Tambunan
Born : Jakarta, Mei 21 1974
Occupation : Writer, Model, Actresses, TV Presenter