Friday, June 1, 2012

Chantal Della Concetta Tattoos

The name is Chantal Della Concetta may already be so familiar in Indonesia. She was the host of the TV station news program of the Indonesian National Private. Lately his name became associated with the courage to talk about Chantal Della Concetta hot picture in a May 2011 edition of FHM magazine.
Chantal Della Concetta news presenter respond to light about the photos section is now busy talking. Not many comments were submitted as clarification about the photographs in the magazine FHM.

Meet Mrs. Chantal, a beautiful women from Indonesia. She was born in Bandung, West Java on 27th July. She was an anchor in one of Indonesian national TV. After resign from TV industry, her wing spread from becoming a model (including axe,Magazine) until becoming a love contributor section.Mother of two Nathaniel Trevor Lazuardi dan Mazel Peach Lazuardi, now has become one of the Indonesian Celebrity. Chantal is now more interested in the coverage of social issues, such as poverty, unemployment, education, and health.

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