Friday, August 24, 2012

Jennifer Dunn Tattoos

Jennifer Dunn was the star of a sitcom actress ad and was born in Jakarta, October 10, 1989. Her name is becoming known through the soap opera DIA dan DAN and followed a successful soap opera Atas Nama Cinta.

Last News of Jennifer Dunn

Not feel young actress Jennifer Dunn has undergone 11 months of her prison sentence. And the mother claimed her daughter had been serving well.

"She's healthy, either. It feels so tidakt has undergone 11 months. It seems hell can (remissions) free Jennifer Dunn I have not asked directly," the mother said when met at Rutan Pondok Bambu, East Jakarta, Wednesday (01/09).

Jennifer Dunn itself seems to have worked at Rutan. And disclosed by the mother if it was better than he just remain silent.

"Jennifer Dunn is now already working on top, she was employed at the Salemba prison. Yes, she's just typing, but rather than she was just silent," she added.

And what makes this the mother is relieved, apparently Andi Soraya one cell with Jennifer Dunn.

"Now she's got a new friend. Incidentally Andi Soraya now one of my children the same cell. So there is her friend," she concluded.

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